Postdoctoral and PhD Fellowships – Functional Optoacoustic Neuroimaging

The Multiscale Functional and Molecular Imaging Group seeks highly motivated scientists to lead the development of groundbreaking optoacoustic neuroimaging technology for large-scale recording of brain activity. The positions are funded through several recently awarded ERC and NIH grants, which provide an excellent platform for cutting-edge research and extensive multi-disciplinary international collaborations. Applications should be sent to Prof. Dr. Daniel Razansky with "Optoacoustic Neuroimaging" in the subject line.

More details can be found here.

Master’s Thesis - Development of an Automatic Open-Source Optical Fiber Polisher

We have developed a hybrid optoacoustic/ultrasonic microscope which is applied in functional neuroimaging. To illuminate our samples, laser pulses are guided from a laser into glass light-guides. The light transmission efficiency and the quality of the illumination are influenced by the quality of the fibers. To achieve a high light transmission, the fiber ends have to be polished using different lapping sheets. To simplify this process and improve the quality of the fiber ends, we want to develop a low cost, open-source polishing device which automatically processes the fibers. The project includes both the development of the device and of a standardized quality assessment procedure.

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You are also welcome to join our group by exploring competitive funding opportunities for researchers at all levels, from PhD students and postdocs to sabbatical fellows. More info can be found at the following links:

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Humboldt Foundation

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Helmholtz Muenchen Fellowships

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Visiting Professorships